Constructing and designing the interior of commercial real estate, on-site utilities, partition systems, decoration works.

Tertia Company performs the full range of services of interior design, repair and furnishing commercial real estate

♦ Offices, business centers, hotels;

♦ Shopping and exhibitions centers, shops;

♦ Industrial and warehouse areas

We professionally perform the full range of internal works:

♦ Designing and engineering the commercial interiors;

♦ Design, supply and installation of on-site utilities;

♦ Fabrication and assembly of partition systems and doors;

♦ All types of repairing and furnishing works;

♦ Design and installation of flooring and ceiling systems.

Why customers choose us

We have experience in completing successfully more that 200 projects since 2008.
Cost estimates and space-planning solutions for commercial premises are for free.
Private production of partition systems and doors. Dealership contracts with manufacturers of materials.
The terms are easily controlled - calendar schedule is attached to every contract. 
We give you warranty on all our works
3 years.

Find out the price of the product of service you are interested in
we will respond in 30 minutes
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